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Discussion Scenarios and Questions

Retreat background material Sandy Duff 03/26/2002

The attached file consists of background material from the Administrative Staff Retreat held at the Carnahan Conference Center February 5-6, 2002.   

Time Line for Re-Envisioning Larry Turner 03/28/2002

Re-Envisioning Cooperative Extension Transition Team Time Line   Action Implementation Date(s) Completion Date(s) 1.  Dean Smith and Dr. Turner lay out the process, reasons behind changes, etc.   February 2002 February 2002 2.  Complete Transition Team formed and...

Re-Envisioning Outline Larry Turner 03/28/2002

RE-ENVISIONING COOPERATIVE EXTENSION   February 8, 2002   GOALS: Build upon the mission and broaden the vision of Cooperative Extension to encompass the relevant needs of stakeholders, while prioritizing programs under realistic resource constraints. Devise/revise...

Essential Points of Re-Envisioning Larry Turner 03/28/2002

RE-ENVISIONING COOPERATIVE EXTENSION ESSENTIAL POINTS   March 6, 2002   Rationale:  We are at a critical juncture in Cooperative Extension.  With new leadership at UK and in the College of Agriculture and CES, this is an excellent time to examine our priorities...

Transition Team Membership Larry Turner 04/05/2002

Transition Team for Re-Envisioning Cooperative Extension Process     Jeanne Davis,    Area Program Director for Pennyrile Area David Ditsch,    Extension Specialist, Agronomy Janet Johnson,    Allen...

RE-ENVISIONING PROCESS Sandy Duff 04/01/2002

ADs, APDs, Associate Dean @ retreat; then continued by Transition Team   Step 1         Environmental Scan   Changes, discontinuities in the environment that will influence how we design & perform our...

 ECOP 21st Century Extension Report Larry Turner 04/02/2002

 System Scroll for Re-Envisioning Sandy Duff 04/16/2002

The attached file of the Re-Envisioning Scroll can be read using Acrobat Reader.   After you open the file set the percentage to 200% for viewing.  If you have any questions, please contact Sandy at or 7-4302.  Thanks.

 Group Data Reports and State Summary Janet Johnson 05/13/2002

The Environmental Scan Subcommittee members need to read the attached files:1.  Group Data Reports Summarized and Trended from County Extension Agents2.  State Summary of Agents CommentsIf you have any questions, please contact Janet Johnson at